4 // More Reasons to Drink Australian Craft Beer

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4 reasons to Drink Australian Craft Beer.

Craft beer is captivating the Australian beer drinking culture… and for a good cause. For what good cause you may ask? In a recent report published for the Independant Brewers Association (IBA), Essential Economics reported:

Importantly, while the independent brewing sector accounts for only 3% of total beer production in Australia, the independent sector supports 95% of all businesses and 73% of all employment across the beer manufacturing industry on a national basis. [Independent Brewing Industry National Economic Evaluation 2015/2016]

The good cause then goes to show that drinking craft beer, which accounts for a measly 3% of total beer production in Australia, is responsible for the majority of employment within the industry (73%).

Beer produced by an independent brewer, by definition of the IBA is, “a brewer who produces less than 40 million litres per annum, and has no more than 20% ownership by any other brewer that produces more than 40 million litres.”

It should be noted that the number of craft brewers has exploded over the last decade from 30 businesses in 2006 to 380 in 2016 which represents a CAGR of 28.9%. If investing in the craft beer category was an option… I’d be all in. The Federal Government is certainly not complaining with $74 million in excise from the Independent Brewing Sector in 2015/16 with little support to the industry; which has started to change in Victoria. Let’s put our hope in the other State’s to follow suit. 

So here we are with our 4 reasons to drink Australian Craft Beer:

  1. Make a Contribution to the Australian Economy
  • The independent brewing sector 2015/16 Produced 59 million litres of beer, generating $275 million in sales revenues.
  • Generated $740 million in economic output, of which $300 million was value-added output.
  1. Help with Local Employment
  • On a national basis, the independent brewing sector supported an estimated 2,390 FTE jobs in 2015/16. This included 840 FTE jobs associated with nano brewers, 760 FTE jobs associated with micro brewers, 660 FTE jobs associated with regional/national brewers, and 130 FTE contract brewing jobs.
  • Employed 2,390 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) workers and the sector’s activities supported a further 17,210 FTE jobs in the local and wider economy across a range of sectors.
  1. Accelerate Regional and Rural Development
  • Approximately 65% of independent brewing businesses are located in regional and rural areas, with the sector’s activities supporting businesses, tourism and employment in these communities.
  1. Increase Visitor Economy and Australian Tourism
  • The independent brewing sector supports the visitor economy, especially in regional and rural locations, by providing brewing facilities, pubs, cellar doors, restaurants etc. for tourists and others to visit and enjoy a food and beverage experience. Many independent brewing establishments also host live music, events and activities which attract locals and visitors alike.

Here’s another reason to drink Australian craft beer… to help… what our local independant brewers have to say:

Managing cash flow demand with regard to excise payment terms and balancing that with selling beer on credit terms is quite difficult task for a brewing business.  [Independent Brewing Industry National Economic Evaluation 2015/2016]

Okay, okay… I know that my beer drinking is fuelling the economy and supporting local brewers. Now how do I know which beers to drink or which brewers to support? First port of call is your local brewer… for me these are Burleigh BrewingBalterBlack Hops and Aardvark & Arrow.

Then, next step is spreading out to the other Aussie gems… here’s a good start, where we have mapped out the top 50 Australian Craft Beers:

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We do love our beer but our belief is in enjoying the fruit of craft in moderation. Please go to DrinkWise. for your responsible enjoyment of Australia’s finest craft beer.

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Russell is the Founder and Principal of Matte Black Brand Agency. As a premium Wine & Spirits fanatic, having worked with some international iconic brands, he is now developing a taste for craft beer and the romance of the local brewery. Although he loves supporting local, word is, he cannot wait to get some Pirate Life in his belly.