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In Genesis 30 there is an account of cattle reproducing what they saw. Jacob intended to have the strong cattle reproduce as spotted because he had a deal with Laban that he would have the spotted cattle as his own. So he placed sticks in their troughs and they reproduced what they saw. Laban then changed his mind as he could see how it was the spotted cattle that were the best of breed. When Laban changed the deal, Jacob changed his strategy and removed the sticks from the trough while the strong cattle reproduced so that they produced unspotted offspring. Jacob then, once again, secured the strong cattle by infuencing what the cattle saw while they reproduced. This story illustrates how there is a propensity to reproduce what we see. So the moral of the story is to be aware of what we focus on because… What you see is what you get. Your perspective produces your fortune.

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Capture & Communicate

Let’s capture what sets you apart and communicate it clearly to establish brand loyalty through customer affinity.

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The way that something, typically software or a website, appears to a user or customer, and how attractive or easy to use it is.

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At Matte Black we build brands and our approach is in combining the elements for  science & art  to collide.

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